Monday, November 9, 2009


ppl i feel that ma7ad is reading my story walla, etha its boring 3adi golaaw;p ma7ib mojamalatt ana!:P ou ham etha khaysa wela ayshay!:p
and if you like it shda3wa bakhleen 3alayy ib comment(a)??! ;*

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You'll Always Be A Part Of Me 6:*

We woke up the next morning, wondering where to go!

Tala and i weren't these kind of girls who would to go out alot as in avenues, slider, or places where you see everyone you know! ya3nie i hate it mo 7ilow kel ma namshi ensalim ensalim! ok ya3nie wanasa we see people ou chethy bas ena mo kel mara you want to see them, la ou the faces don't change kela nafs elnas! ;p so, we love to hang out at home and stuff but at the same time we have alot of adventures ya3nie 7ada wanasa bas akeed once in a while we go to other places and ofcourse lazim endour bel jam3iyat or endour bel sayara mn man6aqa laiih man6aqa its more fun bas still ham enrou7 other places;p!

yeahh and about my family... hmm mom and dad are always out of town ya3ne baitna 7ousa ma lazim ako a7ad so wanasa;p, jawa ya 6al3a ya her friends are over and stuff and ofcourse khaloud is rayal elbait;p so ayshay ensaweeh ohwa ely ezifnaa bas ena he's so sweet! the most amazing brother in the whole universe walla t7isoun wanasa you have an elder brothers ely ekhaaf 3alaiich ou ena ma7ad esaweelich shay cause as known he's your brother! and everyone respects him wallaa khosh walaad ya3nie ma ra7 akhleehh yakhith ay wa7da cause seriously he deserves the best:p!

and yeaah there's always Santi, Kem, Gloria, and Ali our maids and driver walla 7adhom nekta lazim you meet them!:p

back to the story ..

As Tala told me yesterday she talked to Badir about Barak and he said he'll talk to him 3ashan ma egarib yami ou chethy! then we decided to go to slider and yeah el7abeeba Tala has to tell Badir and Badir has to come and Badir has to bring Barak with him which i find out that Badir and Barak are friends with Mohammed:) wow! what an amazing coincidence ha?:)

we sat in our table outside it was hot cause it was summer, so the fans were on my face and the table infront of me was badir barak and mohammed, you can tell that they were talking about us ! and yeah badir and mohammed are not that kind of guys ely yet7achoun eb banat elnas as in "ana akalim hathy " wila ana akalim flana alflani" no they won't do that cause mithel yadroun ena mithel ma ysawoun eb banat elnas wa7id weld 7aram beyi esawi ib ahalhom, 9a7?!

jawan; malat 3alaiichh

tala; haha laish?

jawan; ya3nie wayid mistansa? shal wanasa ballahh barak and mohammed akhir shay e3arfoun ba3ath brou7a barak egoul ena i know him mabi egouul jidaam mohammed laaaaaaaaaaaa;(

tala; la la enshallah he wont

jawan; waii3 enshallah mo chethy ashkara they talk about us !

tala: 3adi they have to act normal jidam ba3atth!!!

This time mohammed didn't even think of saying hi! laiishh?? madrii ! yimkin cause ana ma salamt 3alaiih?? la la shda3wa 7ada laa, mm yemkin za3lan 3ashan i didnt send him a msg , laa laa ofcourse la aw la7thaaaaa yimkin 3ashan barak hal khayis gala akalmaaa;( laaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Jawan: tala pls tell me ena barak didnt tell mohammed what he told badiirr !

Tala: barak didnt tell mohammed what he told badir

Jawan: waii3 chub im serious here!

Tala: enzaiin ya3nie ana shdaranii !

Jawan: yyy la la walla khayfaaa!!! mabiii !! i love 7amady ou he loves me maaabii ekhariib 3alayy barakkk;(

Tala: entay bel awal dezay msg ba3dain ta3alay kalmeenii !!

Guys Table:

Mohammed: enta sh3arifak feehhaa?


Saturday, November 7, 2009

You'll Always Be A Part Of Me 5:*

I felt my phone vibrating so i picked it up without even knowing whos calling, i was in my sleepy voice!

Jawan: alooooo..

...: hallaa

It was a guy.

Jawan: hallaa mno?

...: wa7iidd

Jawan: i can tell, baghait shay?

...: laa walla bas 7aab at3araaff

I closed the line. mno la khulgiick ballahh ??

I got up, took a shower, and called tala. I was going to sleep at her house that night. so, i took the stuff that i need and went off to her house.

All this time i had mohammed on my mind i was thinking about what to do. i love him i know that i do but i can't do it , if khaled knew what was going on he would kill and ofcourse mohammed too. and i don't want that to happen! his words are all still in my head i didn't know what to say. i wanted to send him a message but no way. mmm, should i tell tala about what happened last night?
no i don't think so. she won't let me talk to him for my own good! But what else can i do?

My phone vibrated, it was a message from an unknown number.

Jawan, shda3wa tsideena ib wayhi? tara walla intay 3ajbatny meta ma fethaytay give me a call;)

It was the same number that called me an hour ago.

I deleted the message cause i really wasn't intrested in knowing who it was or what he wants.

So, i arrived at Tala's, went in up to her room. she was on the phone and i heard her say "7abeeebii" okk???;s

Tala: mmm, oh hii meta yaitay entay?

Jawan: the question is who's "7abeebii"?

Tala: what 7abeebii?? pshht tha7akteenii !
so, shno tabeen ghada??

Jawan: good one in changing the subject !

Tala: haaw la shako changing the subject??

Jawan: then who were you talking to? shda3wa ya3nie if you were in a relationship laish ma tgouleenlii?? why are you doing it behind my back?

Tala: me? i'm the one who's doing things behind your back ? or is it you?!

Jawna: huh shga3da tgouleen?? kel shay entay tadren 3ana !

Tala: yeahh sure then whos barakkk??

Jawan: Barakk? whos barak? i never knew a7ad with that name!

Tala: yeahhh right !

Jawan: haaaw walla mn siji ga3da akalmich!! ou ras ahalii ini ma 3arif a guy named barak !

Tala: haha?

Jawan: wallaa, sadgeeni i wont be lying to you!

Tala: then why is badir telling me that?

Jawan: and badir is?

Tala: haha yeahh and badir is my boyfriend!

Jawan: what ou laish ma tgouleenlii?!?!

Now i was pissed off shno mn 9ijha laish ya3nie ma tgoulii !! laa ou tith7ack ba3ad, bas wait i remembered she dosen't know that mohammed sent me a message on facebook or even me adding him on msn and talking him, or even mohammed telling me that he loves me, so why do i get so pissed off!! mm, i guess i have to be happy for her

Tala: sorry bas i thought you would think that im a bitch or something

Jawan: laa shako i would never do that ! you know what im happy for you !!

Tala: haha, sij ?? 3ayal lazim you get to know him he's the most amazing guy in the whole wide world! and i love him i really do * she started blushing*

Jawan: oooohhh !!! you're growing up *and i hugged her*

Tala: hahaha:p

Jawan: and barak is?

Tala: yeaah badir told me that his friend barak told him ena ekalmich entay ou youre so in love!

Jawan: me ?? yeahh sure elmohem ma 3alaina mna kaifaa khal ewalyy ! khaleed e3eesh eldour and yeah tell that badir that im not talking to his friend this one barak !

Tala: ok:D

I thought of it now that i knew that she talks to a guy she would be ok with me talking to mohammed and telling her what happened so she can help me out a little..

Jawan: anddd yeaah i have to confess something to you!!

Tala: spill

and i told her everything from the message on facebook till mohammed giving me his number.

Tala: yy eyanin hal walad mashallahh walla ya bakhtich that a guy like him loves youu !

Jawan: and badir??

Tala: badiiirr ghaiirrrr;)

Jawan: ok, now tell me shasawii??

Tala: hmm , mabi agoulich send him a message that you love him too because that will lead to me kharibing you, and i dont want to tell you don't because then you'll miss the best parts of life;p

My phone was ringing and it was that number again, and i told Tala about him she said to forget about him but he kept calling and calling! so i got fed and answered.

Jawan: aloo

...:3ash mn sima3 hal souut!

Jawan: mno?

...: ismy barak !

I closed the line.

Jawan: it's the barak !

Tala: tkalmeena?

Jawan: yal thakiya agoulich i dnt ! mn wainla raqmi???

Tala: ma 3alaiich now i'll tell badir 3ashan ekalma ena ekhaleech ib 7aliich!

Jawan: 7abeebtii thank you what i do without youu !

The day is almost to an end and still i didn't answer mohammed. i didn't know what to do ! i feel so guilty rght now ! i really do , making him wait all these years until he found me and then when he does i don't do what i'm supposed to do...

Tala and i kept on thinking of what to do, if i would send him a msg i would lose my family trust and reputation and i many other things, and when i don't i will lose 7amady my one and only 7amady the guy that i have always dreamt of ! and i really dont want to lose him! ahhhh what to do?!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

You'll Always Be A Part Of Me 4:*

ehh tfathal gouul ..

I knew what was going to happen i was scared i didn't know how react!

mm, madryy shloun agoulich bas walla 9ij entay ma t7iseen???


ehhh tadreen cham mara ana agi6 naqzaat akalmich 3adil agoulich kalam 7ilow agoulich 7achi ou entaay wala 3al baaal !!! ou kela tsaween rou7ich ma tifhimeen laiishh???


tara ana mo fahmaa! ;s shetgouuull?

shouuffaiii shlouun hal 3aba66!!!! yuba ana a7ibiiiicchh !!!

Then i paused and i was so confused seriously ga3id ezifny ou egouly a7ibiichh??
wallaa widi agoula i love you too bas khaloud ekhoy he's his friend khalti shaikha my mom's friend! Jawooo ma tadrii 3an shay !! laaa i can'tt

Jawan a7acheech anaa!!

yeahh wiyaakkk!! i love you too akeed!!!

laaa mo as a friend wala as a brother much more than that ! \

shloun ya3nie?;s

Jawannn A7IBIICCHHH !!! tadreeen ana ma awa6in shay isma laptop ou msn ou hal sowalif ya bint ana ashbickk bas 3ashan ashoufich shlunich ou shakhbarich ou entay shimsawiyaaa!!

Abaiiiihhh i lovee himm !! widii agoulaa 7ata aanaa bass no waayy !!

walla inyy a3iziich mn awal yoom shiftich ou ana bas afakir feech 7ata ou a7na sghaar wallaa kentay elwa7eeda ely tifhimeenii ou kel shay bas faj2a mishaitay ou ma gemna nshoufiich laiishh?!?!

well 7ata enta ma kint mawjouudd mohammed.

waiin ballaahh adawriich gouleelii?? as2al 3anich kel ma ashouf a7ad e3arfich w asalim 3alaiich ou entai 7ata wala yoom fakartay enich tis2ileen 3ani 7ata low so2all??! laiishh? lich ma3aza 3endii ghair 3an kel el banat laiman ashoufiich wallaa ma tadreen shi9eerr feenii entay ghalya walla ghalya bas entay laish ma tqadreenn???

laish ya3nie you're making me feel that i'm the one that has to feel guilty ib this situation?? mohammed i didn't leave plus you're a guy and i'm a girl ! ou i'm sorry foug kel hatha t3arif ahalii ou khasatan ekhoyy khaliiddd tadrii low yadrii shisawi feenii?

ehhh!!! mo agoulich as2al 3aniich !! agoulich asalim 3alaiich itgouleeli you were BUSY! kalam ma ydish el 3agel !!!

I started tearing upp.

Mohammed momkin ma tzifnyy???:s la tig3ad t7asisny ana ghila6tt !! ;s

Jawan ana asiif walla asiiff, bas pls fihmeenii wallaaa a7ibiich walla shareech ou walla mo qasdi shay ! bas pls qadri mawqify ana ba3aaadd!!

WALLAA ANAA AMOOTTT 3ALAIICKK BA3aAAADDDD:( ! bas i can''tt!!! ou ahalyy???
i never got into a relationship ma 3endi chethy sowaliff!! :( shasawiii??!!! bas i love him!!! yy he's the most amazing guy on earth wallaa i'm so guilty kan yis2aall 3anii laish ma egoulolii??;s

Jawan walla 7adii mista3yeell al7een, lazim amshy bas wallaa allah shahiiddd ib m3azitich ib gablii ou shloun akhaaf 3alaiich ou a7ibiichh !! ahhh bas low tadreen entay shno bel nesba lyy!! hatha raqmi pls abi radich 99****** , yalla byyee;*

and by that he signed out.

I cried myself to sleep not knowing what i want and what waits for me tomorrow.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

You'll Always Be A Part Of Me 3:*

From Mohammed AlFlani
Tara wilahtt 3alaich;*

I didn't believe my eyes. I read it over and over again, I checked the name and it was him, saw his picture and it was HIM! I ran to Jawa's room with my laptop and i threw it infront of her.

Jawa: shno?

Jawan: igray

Jawa: hahaa, mohammed ma ghaira?

I nodded.

Jawa: wild khalti Shaikha?

Jawan: eeee:D

Jawa: aham shay elbousa bas, ou wait ana 3indi iyah as a friend in facebook why the hell dosen't he tell me that he misses me aw even talks to me?

Jawan: ana ghaiiirrrr, enzain al7een mo hathy salfatnnaaa the point is sharid 3alaiihh?!!?

Jawa: la laaa sorry 7abeebtii ma ra7 akharbich ana ba3dain mno m3almich seeda Jawaaa!!!

Jawan: la laaaa pls wallaa madryy shagouull !! waii3 yal baykhaa khalseenii !!

Jawa: enzain ya ghabiya lail7een ya3nie gouleela i miss you too

Jawan: enzain with a kiss wila without? with with ;D

Jawa: el7amdila ou elshikir!!! ya3nie byafrigg !???

Jawan: ehhh wallaa yal maynouuna yafrig , agoulich shloun? ehh khanagoulich! etha ma3a a kiss that means i really do miss him, bas without a3tibirha mojamala!

Jawa: ilbaabbb!! barahhh:)

Jawan: waiii33!

I ran to my room and sent him a message

I miss you too walla;*

Minutes later i got a new message:

add me in msn

Jawan: " weehh 6ila3 elwalad khafeeffff, laa maskeen:p"

I didn't add him right away just to act as if iny mo mayta 3alaiihh;p, but after 2 minutes i did ba3ad shno khft la he goes offline ou ma ekalimnyy! :p

So, i added him !

Mohammed :
Taw ma nawar;*

Bwjoudiickk mashkour!

el3afuuu ma sawaina shayyy !

Faj2a silence!

Jawan:"waiii33 laiish mo ga3id yit7acha, hmm shagoulaa???"

Jawan shakhbarich?

"Shfeee hatha? walla a7is fee shay laish wayiidd rasmiyatt soulif 3adiiil!!!"

el7amdila, ou enta?

bkhaiir allah ysalmich!

So, he started talking about college and stuff, how's school? hows everything going!

Jawan shda3waa wain ri7tay ou khalaiteenii?

I was confused, shqasda?

laa kanii! still online:p

laaaaaa:p i mean ina as in gabel! wainich?? walla tadreen gabel ma kan 3indich mobile wala shay ma gemna nshoufich wala shay! ou as'al 3anich mo entay ma tis2ileen 3anyy!

haha, walla madryy ! im always here , meta sa2alt 3ani?;p well mako a7ad as2al 3anick 3indaa!

waiiih kela as'al jana ou khalouuddd 3aniichh! ou agoulihom esalmoun 3alaiichh!

Haaww, la jana wala khalid told me ena ohwa esalim 3alayyy !! waiii33 ebi6oun el chabd! akhaaf agoul 7ag khalouud ezifni laish akalma ma3ana ya3nie 3adi he's a friend!

hehe, ehh sa77 galoulii ;p bas walla sorry i was busy!

ya3nie agoula ma galouliii!!

busy?! ohhhh

laa bas now fathya;D

GHABAAAA2 shno now fathyaa ifff!!

hehe, ya7lailich lail7een you didn't change

So, we kept on talking and talking on msn. For more than 2 months. Bas i told Jawa that i just talked to him on facebook and salam 3alayy ou that's it ma kalamta agaiin.

Until one day....

Jawannn, bagouliich shay walla sij mo gadir akhisha ba3aad!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So far?

So far what do you think of it?!? please let me know 3ashan akamil wela laaaa;*
thankss!!!! ;D


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You'll Always Be A Part Of Me 2:*

I picked up the phone, " haaaa?!?!?"

"Jawaanii yalla we need to get going, they're waitingggg!!!"

It was Talaa, my best friend which i have been friends with just after i was away from 7amady. She's my soulmate and more than what you think, ofcourse she knows all about 7amady and i even showed her pictures of him from my brother, because ofcourse my brother still sees him but he never came home with him;(. I know so sad!

So, Tala and i were heading off to avenues and meet up with the girls.

I got into Tala's car with her driver and off we went.

"Jawaniii asraaa3 ya3ni mako ab6a222?"

"Ya3ni waay entay shako feenii rou7ay 3any ou ana mashya waraachh, maly khelg amshii wallaa!!"

"ma7ad ghsibaach tyeen"

"3ilaaaa!! kel hatha ou ma ghisabteenii !! mn gaaal??"

Well, it was always like that with me and Tala but ofcourse we still love each other.
I was walking behind her until i saw a figure approaching well a HOT figure! So i sped up and went to Tala.

"Hottie on the way!!" i whispered.

"Hahah, chathaba? waiin waiin bashouuff!!!"
She started looking around in the dumbest way until she bumped into me and i felt something behing me. I turned around and saw the most amazing smile i have ever seen.

*yy he's so cute, la7tha im so fimiliar with this face! shayfita mokan ana, hmm madryy abaiih shfeenii ga3da atani7 khal agoulaaa shay!!*

"walla sorry ma kan qa9dii 7adii asfaaa walla!"

"laa 3adii shda3wa, mo t3eedenha mara thanya:p" he was joking bas i took it seriously. i looked at him with sad eyes he noticed and saiiddd.

"Yuba atghashmar wiyach shfech 9adagtay ?? 3adi 3adi ma 9ar shay:p"

Then faj2a someone pulled me. It was Talo ashwa enha she pulled me 7adii kint mtan7a bel 9bay maskeen! So, i was walking so quickly as if i was running.

"laaa al7een tamsheen bser3aa haaa??" shouted Tala trying to catch up.

that was when i looked back and saw that guy that i bumped into, staringg !
ok hot guy my bad ma kan qasdii shrayick you stop staring!!!??

"Jawannn, emmm mo chena 7amadiyyy?"

"heeeyyyy, entay etgouleen '7amadich' ou i say '7amady' fahmmaa???"

"Chill malat 3alaiich 3ad mn zeenaaa"

"You're jeloussss!! "

I looked back and it was 7amadyy, my 7amadyy, you know this feeling laiman you see some one bas ina you can't believe your eyes. My face lightned up with a huge smile and ofcourse he knew that i recognized him, and he also had this huge smile. My eyes were sparkling i felt that i over reacted. Shda3wa ya3ni? he's just my friend which i haven't seen since ages. But it wasn't just a friend it was 7amady. I knew that i have something for 7amady right there in my heart. He was with a huge group of guys and he started to approach to me while we were waiting for a table in Chocolate Bar. He was coming to me i can tell. I can't feel my heart beating anymore.

"Guwa" AAAAAH his voice...

i just stared.


"ohh hii" with the biggest smile ever ! shda3wa loosen up!

"3aash mn shafiichh Jawann, shlouunich?"

"3ashaattt ayamikk, walla ana el7amdila mashy el7aal how are you?!"

"bkhaiirrr, wallaa kibarttayy:p"

"hehee, ehh 7atan entaaa:p"

"yallah bas 7aabaiitt asaliim 3alaiich tamreen 3ala shay?!"

" laa salamtiikk!!" *oooooooooo myyyyyyy 9ayiiirrr eyaniinnnn!*

"yallahh ma3a elsalama"


I turned to Tala who was staring at me.

"abi asariiikh" i whispered to Tala.

She had the stupidest smile ever.

"ehh yallahh 7ata ana"

Walla I love her.

We told the girls that we had to go and went to the car.
As soon as i shut the door....

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! yyyyy zouuuuuuuuuuuuuuqqqqqqqqqqqaaaa" both of us were screaming!

*sayir a7la sayir ajmal mn gabel malyouun maraa kel mn shafik temana mnaak enta bas nathraaaaa;** *

" Talo eyanin, yyy zouqa" and a tear fell...
i looked at Tala who was smiling at me

"Jawaanii is in love"

"heeyyy laa shakooo!!!!"

"abaiih jawaniii walla ebayiiin mn wayhich, entay bas low shayfa shloun you were happyyy so happy! "

"it was that obvious, fashlaaaaa"

"laa 3adii, telgaina ma la7athhh:p"

she drop me off at home. i wore my pjs and opened my laptop wela i had a msg on facebook,

from Mohammed AlFlani